Drew McCallie

A Short-Sermon on Racism at Pentecost

Racism is incompatible with Christian living.

Churching in Place

*This article was originally written for Relevant Orthodoxy. If you enjoy this one (or if you don't), I highly encourage you to visit that site and read the excellent articles available. Across the nation, churches are trying to figure out... Continue Reading →

Presence > Productivity – A Sabbath Message

Zoom. Zoom. For many of us, that used to be the reminder of Mazda trying to sell us a vehicle on TV. Now the word “zoom” means something totally different. At first it was exciting. We can see everyone! We... Continue Reading →

A Holy Opportunity

Social distancing as holy distancing. Shelter in place as refuge in God. Washing hands as baptismal remembrance.

Holy Communion and Online Church

In a time of fear and anxiety, in a time of social distancing with the increased feeling of isolation and loneliness, we need the community of faith more than ever. We desperately need the grace provided and the connection offered through receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion. When shelves have been emptied of bread, the Church must continue to offer the Bread of Life.

3 Ways to Build Community During COVID-19

Social Distancing, Isolation, Working at Home, and what we can do about it.

COVID-19 – Can Good Come from Evil?

The night of Good Friday leads to the light of Easter Sunday.

12 Rules for Life Critique – #2 Take Your Pills

“Do unto yourself as you would do unto your dog.”

12 Rules for Life Critique – #1 Be a Lobster

Winning in life is not about being “top lobster.”

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