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Christianity & Money

Money... If you ever wondered how to make an entire congregation get on the edge of their seats and be quiet enough to hear a pin drop, then talk about one of two things: sex or money. Simply by uttering... Continue Reading →

From the Book of Job

This week we strive to answer one of the most unnerving and difficult books of the Bible.

Who Created God?

We thirst, so water exists. We hunger, so food exists. Does it not stand to reason that perhaps because we desire more than we can physically see then something beyond our sight also exists?

Infant Baptism?

Why do Methodists baptize infants? Read more to find out!

Question & Answer

Doubting and asking questions about God is not unchristian. It's being faithful.

Ash Wednesday Service at Home

When you cannot make it to an Ash Wednesday service, this is the next best thing.

The Great Thanksgiving

In Christian communities around the world, a common Eucharistic prayer is used to celebrate and consecrate the sacrament of Holy Communion. On a day where we are to give thanks, let us reflect on the ultimate prayer of Thanksgiving to... Continue Reading →

2016 Election & Faith

Today I would like to issue a reminder to all Christians celebrating and grieving the election: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not gods. The DNC and GOP are not your community. The USA is not your kingdom. Our faith... Continue Reading →

When United Methodists Became Untied

If you have not been paying attention recently, the United Methodist Church is searching for its identity. The Western Jurisdiction elected an openly practicing homosexual bishop, which has been widely celebrated among the circle of United Methodists who seek a... Continue Reading →

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