This evening I sat in a rocking chair with my daughter on my chest. She fell asleep and my mind wandered to some of the most powerful emotions I have felt. Happy, sad, joyful, mad, and disappointed. I realized that those emotions, as fleeting and silly as they may seem, connect me to the created world far beyond myself; and even to God. And that’s what love is, is it not? To love is to lose oneself in their beloved – which results in finding one’s truest self. And when one loves, that never goes away. Feelings fade. Emotions fade. But love? That experience of love? It never fades. The rush of tears or laughter. The perpetual smile of joy or the falling to one’s knees in emotional pain – that never leaves us. We will always remember. And these moments we experience help us see God’s love.

God’s love is like a bride and groom seeing one another for the first time on their wedding day.

God’s love is like a parent seeing their child for the first time.

God’s love is like a late night conversation with a friend.

God’s love is like a waterfall, ever-flowing.

God’s love is like a warm fire on a cold winter night.

God’s love is like the laughter of children on a summer day.

God’s love is like a tender breeze through the trees.

God’s love is like a final conversation with a loved one.

God’s love is like a wildfire, uncontrollable.

God’s love is like an ocean, where is its end?

God’s love is like a star, guiding through the night.

God’s love is like the sun, illumining all we see.

God’s love is like none other.

Your love never fails, it never ends, it never stumbles.

Your love, O God, holds on forever.

Your love I cherish all the days of my life.

Teach me to love like you. To see like you. To be like you.

Teach my inner-being to desire you.

Teach me to walk in your footsteps.

And I will follow you.


How have you experienced God’s love?