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Finding Your Calling

As a child, I always dreamed of what I would be when I grew up. Maybe I would be a baseball player. Perhaps I would work with computers. Could I make it as a professional drummer? This seemed fine until... Continue Reading →

Every Member. Every Sunday.

At our first district minister's meeting in Chattanooga of this season, our District Superintendent said that making people feel welcome at church is an "every-member, every-Sunday" responsibility. The Barna Research Group claims that 40% of people who visit a church make up their mind before... Continue Reading →

Driving People Away

I have never met a person in a church that hoped their church would close. They have never said to me, “Drew, I just wish people would leave this church and go somewhere else.” It is almost universally true that... Continue Reading →

What is Worship?

Is worship about us or God? Is worship about giving or receiving? Is worship about members or newcomers? How you answered these questions will tell you a lot about what is important to you in your Christian faith. To some... Continue Reading →

Experience of Love

This evening I sat in a rocking chair with my daughter on my chest. She fell asleep and my mind wandered to some of the most powerful emotions I have felt. Happy, sad, joyful, mad, and disappointed. I realized that those emotions, as... Continue Reading →

Why am I writing a Blog?

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Prayer: Luke 11:1-4

Pray is focused primarily on the future hope of God's renewal of all things.

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