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Ash Wednesday Service at Home

When you cannot make it to an Ash Wednesday service, this is the next best thing.


The Great Thanksgiving

In Christian communities around the world, a common Eucharistic prayer is used to celebrate and consecrate the sacrament of Holy Communion. On a day where we are to give thanks, let us reflect on the ultimate prayer of Thanksgiving to... Continue Reading →

2016 Election & Faith

Today I would like to issue a reminder to all Christians celebrating and grieving the election: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not gods. The DNC and GOP are not your community. The USA is not your kingdom. Our faith... Continue Reading →

When United Methodists Became Untied

If you have not been paying attention recently, the United Methodist Church is searching for its identity. The Western Jurisdiction elected an openly practicing homosexual bishop, which has been widely celebrated among the circle of United Methodists who seek a... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Calling

As a child, I always dreamed of what I would be when I grew up. Maybe I would be a baseball player. Perhaps I would work with computers. Could I make it as a professional drummer? This seemed fine until... Continue Reading →

Every Member. Every Sunday.

At our first district minister's meeting in Chattanooga of this season, our District Superintendent said that making people feel welcome at church is an "every-member, every-Sunday" responsibility. The Barna Research Group claims that 40% of people who visit a church make up their mind before... Continue Reading →

Driving People Away

I have never met a person in a church that hoped their church would close. They have never said to me, “Drew, I just wish people would leave this church and go somewhere else.” It is almost universally true that... Continue Reading →

What is Worship?

Is worship about us or God? Is worship about giving or receiving? Is worship about members or newcomers? How you answered these questions will tell you a lot about what is important to you in your Christian faith. To some... Continue Reading →

Experience of Love

This evening I sat in a rocking chair with my daughter on my chest. She fell asleep and my mind wandered to some of the most powerful emotions I have felt. Happy, sad, joyful, mad, and disappointed. I realized that those emotions, as... Continue Reading →

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