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Holy Communion and Online Church

In a time of fear and anxiety, in a time of social distancing with the increased feeling of isolation and loneliness, we need the community of faith more than ever. We desperately need the grace provided and the connection offered through receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion. When shelves have been emptied of bread, the Church must continue to offer the Bread of Life.

3 Ways to Build Community During COVID-19

Social Distancing, Isolation, Working at Home, and what we can do about it.

COVID-19 – Can Good Come from Evil?

The night of Good Friday leads to the light of Easter Sunday.

12 Rules for Life Critique – #1 Be a Lobster

Winning in life is not about being “top lobster.”

12 Rules For Life – Are They Christian?

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a highly controversial public figure whose primary work is in the field of clinical psychology. Peterson is wicked smart, an excellent writer, and has opinions which he makes no bones about sharing. Peterson has gained a... Continue Reading →

True Marks of a Follower of Jesus

Last week’s post (read here) engaged what I called the four “Great Commissions” that Jesus gives to his disciples after his resurrection and before his ascension. The four scenarios were bound together by a common thread of engaging God’s creation... Continue Reading →

Four Things Jesus Taught Us About Being Disciples

Here at Hixson UMC we have been discussing what a fully-formed disciple of Jesus Christ looks like. As part of my own discernment, I decided to look at how Jesus addresses his disciples before his ascension. I would love to... Continue Reading →

Lent: More than 40 Days

How to ask the right questions during the season of Lent.

A Prayer after the UVA Protest

This morning I simply wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee and some light reading when I came across an article reporting that a white nationalist group marched with torches on the campus of the University of Virginia (read article... Continue Reading →

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